“Here Comes the Bride” June 2, 2012

Today was the day! The Schneider twins gave away our best friend… Okay, WE didn’t giving Jenny away. But we DID work hard to make sure everything was perfect for her! Meredith did bridesmaid makeup and hair, as well as bride and MOB makeup. Erin took photos while the girls got ready, documenting all of the fun and hullabaloo for the big day! In the dressing room, we were stocked with safety pins, hairspray, makeup, makeup blotters, bobby pins, etc. to make sure everyone had what they needed! Meredith’s David’s Bridal skills came in handy when the group effort to get Jenny into her dress became laughable. And the moments of tears before the ceremony were cured with makeup touchups! The one thing we forgot? Tissues. This turned into an ISSUE when Jenny walked down the aisle—we all lost it!

We just want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Troy Wooten for allowing us to be such a big part of their special day! From meeting in our basement almost 5 years ago, to coming to our house almost immediately after getting engaged 2 years ago. From allowing us to take their engagement photos, to asking us to be in the bridal party! And then asking us to make the slideshow and special project (a music video), letting us take photos and shoot video before and during the event, and trusting our beauty skills for this day! We love you!