Sunday, July 22nd

Sunday, July 22nd, DoubleTake had the honor of helping out at a wedding. And not just ANY wedding… a BROADWAY WEDDING. Now, you might be wondering what a “Broadway Wedding” entails. It entails two major Broadway influences (Casey Nicholaw and his undisclosed now-husband) uniting in marriage. Don’t know who Casey Nicholaw is? Wikipedia him. Still wondering what the big deal is? In addition to his ridiculous stage cred, he choreographed “The Book of Mormon”.


How did DoubleTake get to help out on the biggest day of these two wonderful men’s lives? Meredith’s good friend Nathan is Mr. Nicholaw’s personal assistant, and he couldn’t be in town. So, reinforcements were brought in (ahem, DOUBLETAKE!) and the day went off without a hitch.

I got to Casey’s amazing apartment mid-day. He refers to it as their “Book of Mormon Castle” because they “never would have been able to afford it before all of that”. Casey was the sweetest host, asking if
I needed anything, letting me taste the chocolates in their guest bags (The guest bags had tags that said “These are a few of our favorite things”, Sound of Music fans!), and briefing me on the day.

I rolled pigs in blankets, set out pre-cut fruit (Casey had to keep busy and cut everything so I didn’t have to!), cheese, and an assortment of crackers while the ceremony took place under the pergola
in the Central Park Conservatory Garden (which their living room conveniently overlooks—along with the rest of Manhattan). I poured champagne, and the small group of guests spent time together before
getting chauffeured down to an amazing restaurant for the rest of the evening. My job was easy. I just had to make sure it all went swimmingly, which I did!

Casey treated me like a princess, getting me a car down to the restaurant to secure all of the plans and paying for my cab back up to their apartment during dinner to clean up. The highlight of my day? Washing dishes while watching the sun set over the entire city. And the cheese.

The shenanigans DoubleTake gets themselves into…