Sports Photography

You might know this already, but DoubleTake Productions was the official photographer for the Spring 2013 St. Pius X Men’s Golf Team. We have considered ourselves the unofficial photographers of every sport that Ian (our awesome brother) has participated in since Day 1, but I digress. This soccer season, it was requested by other soccer parents that we get photos of all of the soccer studs. So we have. And we are making a video for their soccer banquet. We are doing something we love for very deserving kids that we think are awesome. They entertain us several times a week with their athleticism and quirky verbiage (don’t ask), and the shots come out so well! Who knew a bunch of high schoolers could be so photogenic? Anyway, make sure that if you need sports photographers, you keep us in mind! We love doing it, and we’ve got the experience (and portfolio) to prove it!