February 24, 2012

Long time no see, internet world!  The last few months wouldn’t be what I would call a “hiatus”, but there was more off time between shoots than normal.  This was a personal decision for a number of reasons:  1.  Meredith became a semi-permanent fixture in New York with a full time job offer (HEL-LO NY!  , 2.  Erin has been working her butt off experimenting with software, shooting techniques, etc. to make your memories even MORE beautiful!  (There was an AWESOME shift in job opportunity for her as well :)  )

So, here is what has come of all of this:  We are open for shoots/editing/makeup EVERY WEEKEND as well as throughout the week (per your request).

There are many many pictures, as well as sports video highlights and other shorts we have been working on, so expect those up soon!  We are also looking at revamping the website, and making everything more user friendly eye-catching!  PLEASE send over any comments, suggestions, and criticisms (positive and negative are openly welcome)!  We know we are not perfect, but we want everything from booking through final project production to be flawless for you.  One feature we are really excited about:  posting our prices ON THE WEB…as well as discounts and coupons!

The best news of all for DoubleTake?!?!:
We have our first wedding booked (!), as well as multiple engagements, high school sport highlight videos and even a retirement video lined up!

In other words, call on us for your next event, idea…anything!  Don’t ever again get to the point where “I wish I had a picture/video of that” runs through your mind!

Until we meet again, always remember, EVERY day is a special occasion!